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Here you'll find reviews of books and music that I've found particularly valuable, enjoyable, or useful -- as well as articles about the harp, music, medicine, and other topics of interest. When possible, there will also be links where you can find them. I hope you'll find this information helpful.

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Ears of the Angels
Ears of the Angels: Healing the Sounds--Heard and Unheard--of Humans and Animals

, by Deena Zalkind Spear; illustrated by Bruce Burgess
Hay House, Inc., Paperback, $12.95 (Part I Only), ISBN 1-4019018-7-5
Singing Woods Press, Hardcover, $29.95, ISBN 0-9712173-0-0


Review Ears of the Angels: Healing the Sounds - Heard and Unheard - of Violins, Humans, and Animals
Whether your interest is in science, medicine, music, or just the possibility that what we see is not all there is to life, you will find something compelling about Deena Spear’s excellent book.
Deena is a trained violinmaker, able to make musical instruments sound better. She also has a B.A. in neurobiology from Cornell University. Science, however, is just beginning to catch up to what she is able to do. Her work these days has less to do with traditional techniques for improving the tone of stringed instruments (although she has plenty of experience in that area) and more to do with improving the vibrations of those instruments at rest, so that the vibrations they make when sounding are true and sweet.
In her witty and eloquent Part I, she describes the process by which she first became a violinmaker. She also relates her journey of research as she first learned to devise new and better tools to “tune” a violin, then learned how to use her mind instead to adjust the balance of the instrument by working on its energy field rather than its physical substance. As she gradually branched out in this direction, she found that she could sense the energy fields of instruments, people, and animals remotely; her work began to lead her into the realm of healing as well as tuning, as she began to “tune” people and animals the way she worked on violins.
Deena relates some remarkable stories in her book, of professional musicians who call her for work on their instruments yet dare not confess to their colleagues how the work was done, for fear they will be laughed at. She also has moving tales of healings done on people and on animals, and plenty of explanations of how the energy field of the body works and why her healing techniques are so effective. Everything vibrates, whether solid, liquid, or gas; music is an audible vibration, and when musical instruments produce sound they are providing audible vibrations. Our bodies vibrate, as well; we may not produce audible vibrations except when we speak or sing, but we vibrate nonetheless. When we vibrate inharmoniously (illness, injury, anger, tension) we feel it in our bodies, even if we don’t quite know what it is. Deena’s talents, enhanced by extensive studies with Barbara Brennan and other energy healers, allow her to tune the vibrations so that they are once again harmonious – whether they are the vibrations of a musical instrument or a human or an animal.
Part II of Deena’s book is aimed at serious students of the mechanics of tuning a violin. She provides clear explanations and wonderful illustrations (by Bruce Burgess, who also did the magnificent cover art) and cartoons (by Deena and Robert Spear) that demonstrate exactly how her tools work, which areas are critical in tuning an instrument, and how to go about it. This part of the book is highly technical, but nonetheless enjoyable.
Reading Ears of the Angels is like sitting down with Deena to hear her story. Her writer’s voice is chatty, friendly, and very approachable; her stories come alive and relate the most wonderful marvels. Her story is filled with hope, too: when one considers the implications of vibrational energy medicine, one realizes that there are possibilities far beyond the boundaries of contemporary allopathic medicine.
The book itself is beautiful – an exquisite cover with holographic accents, a sturdy binding, and a lovely clear typeface complement the information and the graceful illustrations. It’s obvious that the book was a labor of love for the author, who cares so much about harmony and health; her attention to detail has resulted in a book far more attractive than what is commonly found on bookstore shelves today.
Deena’s website, www.singingwoods.org, has much more detail on her work, her background, and her successes – including testimonials from grateful clients – than this review can contain. Those interested should check it out; she has a lot to offer in the growing field of energy medicine.

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